Study at individual courses

Study at individual courses

In addition to the full master’s program, there are options for individual study courses without formal enrollment in the program and receiving student status. Such an opportunity is provided in the presence of available space in the classrooms. The eligible candidates should pass the selection process.

Additional notes

  • After the course completion, the students may get certificates from the university. This certificate is not a master’s diploma.
  • The payment for a course should be made before the study begins.
  • Later, one may apply for the whole program and transfer credits for the previous courses taken at UCU.
  • There are study places limits for those who want to take courses. The master’s program students have the highest priority for study group completion.

You may get familiar with the list of the courses on the curriculum webpage. The course fee is calculated based on the course credits volume (in ECTS). The corresponding ECTS volume is specified for each course at the curriculum webpage. One credit price for the 2023-24 academic year is 5,565 UAH.

If you’re interested in our courses, please fill out an application form. You should provide the following information there:

  • Academic background: where and when have you studied before.
  • Programming background: which programming languages do you know
  • Data Science background
  • Short motivation statement: why do you want to study the courses
  • Personal contact information

Please contact for more details.

  • Useful information

    Admission 2023

    • Exam registration by May 31
    • Applicant’s e-cabinet by July 1
    • SSE: 26.06 – 18.07
    • Professional exam: 17-28.07 or 31.07-14.08
    • Exam results: August 25
    • Enrollment in the program: September 1

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