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Faculty of Applied Sciences of UCU forms the leaders in the field, who will use their knowledge to influence the present and the future Ukraine and the world.

We expand the frontiers of education in Computer Sciences and Information Technology in Ukraine. Our future graduates are not simply successful employees at world-renowned IT companies, they are multi-faceted individuals who are prepared to create new products and services, new ideas and meanings both in the field of Information Technology as well as in other areas of life.

Faculty maintains good contacts with companies such as IBM, Google, Twitter, Epam, SoftServe, Eleks, Sigma Software, Ciklum, Grammarly, Perfectial, Romexsoft and a number of universities like Carnegie Mellon University and New York University.

Beginning with the second year, certain courses are presented in English. Given the fact that the modern world is multi-polar and that innovations and discoveries happen on the edges, on the collision of cultures, languages, etc., we lay out the intersection of many disciplines: history of great ideas; critical thinking; design thinking; academic writing; and social entrepreneurship.




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