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At this page, we list the analytical research results made by the Faculty of Applied Sciences at UCU.

The cost of obtaining a master’s degree in Data Science in Europe

Today, the demand for data analysts, machine-learning engineers and artificial intelligence specialists is increasing. In spring 2019, KDNuggets published the list of the best European Master’s Degree Programs in Data Science and Analytics.

Faculty of Applied Sciences of UCU has attempted a deeper exploration of one crucial aspect of obtaining a specialty: how much will a student of a master’s program from the mentioned list need to spend during their study (considering the program cost and the cost of living in the respective country) and what financial reward in the industry can they expect upon graduation?




Data Science Job Market Research in Ukraine, January-June 2020

Since 2016, UCU Faculty of Applied Sciences has been offering its students, clients, and partners various educational programs and research projects in the field of Data Science. Since the beginning of 2020, we have begun to study more closely the vacancy market in Ukraine for positions related to Data Science. We propose to review the first report with the analysis of the labor market for the first half of 2020.