“It’s not just a hostel, it’s a community here!”

Collegium implements a one-year educational-formation program “Christian Spirituality in the Postmodern Age”. The students are housed by curators, redemptorist sisters, an Emmaus community apartment, and the Personality Development Center, which houses university guests who can share their life experiences with students.

Triple rooms are available for student accommodation. Each room has a fridge, bath and toilet. The rooms on the floor are divided into two wings, each wing has a room – a space that is intended for heating and consumption of food. You can use the refrigerator, electric kettle, microwave and sink. For the needs of students, there is an iron on each wing. Mostly people in the room live in different specialties.

Every week people who live in collegium gather for a joint meeting. This builds a community of different people who are ready to share stories with each other, help each other and just talk about different topics.

The college has an electronic card throughput system. In the adjacent building there is “Tratesna UCU” (Kozelnitskaya St., 2a), where for students there is a 50% discount on food.

The College building is located near one of the largest and most beautiful parks in Lviv – Stryi Park. Convenient location makes it easy to get to the city center, airport, train station, as well as other UCU buildings between which minibuses run.

More information (including how to get into the College) here.