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An updated Computer Science course map will be available soon


“In general, the faculty tries to keep up with the times, and sometimes even get ahead of society’s requests. We are constantly monitoring the development of the industry to know what professionals the market will need, and based on that we develop new courses and develop existing ones. Such a system enables us and our students to succeed, because the projects they do are extremely innovative not only in the context of Lviv, Ukraine, but the whole world. ”

Yaroslav Prytula, Dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences

This course map is relevant for students of the 2019-2020 academic year. Every year, we research students ‘feedback on each discipline, and we respond to students’ requests for desired destinations.


Does this mean that there may be completely different subjects each year?
Of course not! Fundamental disciplines remain the same. For example, mathematical analysis, programming basics, computer organization principles (for Computer Science) or economic analysis (for Business Analysis and IT) and many more. Only selective subjects can change, because each year we have different student trends. It happens that we have many willing to try our hand at the web. In this case, we should give the students the choice of “Web Development”, “Fundamentals of human-machine interaction” and others. And it happens that we have gathered young Data Scientists who would like to study Operations Forecasting, Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence, Data Analysis and many more.

What are the opportunities for students who want to study a direction that is not presented in the course map?
In addition to the courses, we have winter schools in different directions, which are mostly not represented in the course map. Each year, winter schools vary by industry. We also invite students to organize clubs.