Master degree program in Data Science

Master degree program in Data Science

Master’s degree program in Computer Science with a specialization in Data Science is a two-year study program at the Faculty of Applied Sciences of the Ukrainian Catholic University. The main aim of the program is to prepare high-quality engineers in various domains such as Machine Learning, Big Data, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Business Analytics, etc.

The significant part of the program’s curriculum is devoted to mathematical foundation courses (Linear Algebra, Statistics, and Econometrics, Theory of the Artificial Neural Networks) and software engineering (Parallel Programming, Distributed Databases and Distributed Systems, Cloud Infrastructure). Besides this, there are courses in Entrepreneurship, Design Thinking, Innovations, Communications, and Responsible Leadership.

Due to a broad network of the partnership with the leading Ukrainian and international companies and international universities, the students may get the internship positions and work on the diploma theses under the supervision of the high-profile specialists. Most of our students are starting to work as data scientists or machine learning engineers during their studies.

We, the program organizers, pay a lot of attention to make such a schedule that will suit the workload of our students and will let them combine the studies and full-time job positions. For this reason, generally, the classes go only three days every other week. This allows students from other cities to join the studies.

For us, it’s important to provide the actuality of the courses’ syllabuses, to maintain the connections with the industry needs, to pay attention to the study process accessibility.

The master’s degree program in Data Science has a license and is accreditated by the Ministry of Science and Education of Ukraine.

Useful information

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