Study program

Master’s degree program in Data Science is a two-year program with 90 ECTS study credits where an academic part (study courses) consists of 74 credits, and an internship & diploma work has 16 credits.

The courses are split into the next topics:

  • mathematical foundations,
  • data science and machine learning,
  • programming and software engineering,
  • soft skills, worldview, project management, entrepreneurship.

There are mandatory courses (42 ECTS overall) and elective ones (32 ECTS). The master program courses with the respective number of ECTS and a study term are provided below.

Mathematical Foundations

Mandatory courses

Elective courses (one should pick one course)

Data Science and Machine Learning

Mandatory courses

Elective courses (one should pick the courses of 12 ECTS overall)

Elective courses (one should pick the courses of 3 ECTS overall)

Programming, Software and Data Engineering, Business Analytics Foundations

Elective courses, 1st term (one should pick the courses of 6 ECTS overall)

Elective courses, 2nd term (one should pick the courses of 5 ECTS overall)

Soft skills, Worldview, Entrepreneurship

Mandatory courses

Elective courses (one should pick one course)

Important aspects of the course studies

  • A study year and the terms have the following schedule:
    • 1st term: from September to December of the first study year
      • In 2022, the first term starts on October and ends on January
    • 2nd term: from February to June of the first study year
    • 3rd term: from September to December of the second study year
    • an internship/diploma work: from January to May of the second study year
  • Courses are connected to each other. It means that a course could be a prerequisite for another course. Thus it’s impossible to take a course if one didn’t take the prerequisites. The necessary information is available on a course page.
  • A major programming language used in the courses is Python. Also, some courses use C/C++, R, or Scala.
  • The master’s program uses a project-based approach for the studies. It means that a lot of courses are graded based on a final project.
  • 90% of the courses are video-recorded. The students have access to all course materials (lectures’ slides, assignments, additional readings, recorded video lectures) through the learning management system.
  • The Slack service with an academic subscription is used for communication between the students and faculties.
  • Although the program’s academic part is one-and-half-a-year, the students may extend their studies for up to three years to balance the overall study load.
  • For an elective course to be run, there should be at least six persons who signed up for the course.
  • For more information, please take a look at the FAQ page and contact the program administrators via


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