Making Innovations Happen


Innovation is fundamental to all economies, societies, and organizations as a means of creating both financial and social value. Innovation is delivered by entrepreneurial management, defined as a specific set of capabilities and competencies. Entrepreneurship is, therefore, a key driver of economic growth and addressing social and environmental problems the state cannot address. The module introduces students to the new venture development process; identifying an opportunity, developing a feasible and viable business concept, and planning an independent enterprise.

Course goals

  • To enable students to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the importance of creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation to national economies, individuals, and to organizations of all types and sizes: Private, public, and not-for- profit sectors, large and small organizations.
  • To prepare students to ideate in a problem-solution paradigm, critically assessing potential opportunities and developing a viable business model and strategic plan; demonstrate competence and capability in the new venture planning process
  • To help students appreciate the entrepreneurial management value creation process gathering and applying resources in unique manner to achieve competitive advantage
  • To develop students’ functional management knowledge in the production of a new venture strategy

Learning outcomes

  • Create a workable and testable venture strategy
  • Understand value creation within new ventures through operational execution, including sales/marketing/business development to develop and deliver the product or service
  • Introduce the key concepts of creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation and their role within an economy and society to create both financial and social value
  • Understand the external and internal context for successful innovation

Course topics

  • Creativity & innovation
  • Innovation as a process
  • Contexts of entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial behaviour
    • The entrepreneurship process
    • Principles of effectuation
  • Social innovation
    • Three systems of the economy
    • A social enterprise
  • Organisational structure
  • Resources
    • Capabilities approach
  • Knowledge management
  • Leadership / culture / management
  • Innovation management process model
  • Networks
  • National systems of innovation (nsi) & government policy



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