Performance engineering of software applications

Performance engineering of software applications

Brief summary of the course

Best practice for performance engineering with C/C++ and Python. Topics include measuring performance, profiling in C/C++ and Python, extending Python with C/C++, application development with GPGPU (NVIDIA CUDA).

Course topics

Single thread programming (12 hours):

1.Performance engineering basics. When we need it.2
2.Measuring performance, profiling in C/C++ and Python.2
3.Libraries in C/C++. Hacker delights (bit-hacks). C to the assembler.2
4.Extending Python with C/C++ 2
5.Python + Pandas, Numpy, and C/C++ libraries data exchange.2
6.Cache efficient algorithms. Memory issues. 2


Multicore programming (16 hours) :


1.Python parallel applications. Python global interpreter lock. 2
2.Multithreading and multiprocessing in Python and C/C++ 4
3.Synchronization and locks2
4.NVIDIA CUDA programming for C and Python6


Distributed programming (4 hours).


1.Scaling applications with multiple workers2
2.Distributed networking algorithms2


Homework assignments:


  1. Homework #1 – performance engineering for the single thread application.
  2. Homework #2 – Development of the multi-thread application.
  3. Homework #3 – Development of the application based on GPGPU
  4. Homework #4 – Development of the network scaled application.


  1. Basic understanding of computer hardware.
  2. Basic understanding of networking.
  3. Basic software programming skills C/C++ and Python.
  4. Basic OS knowledge.
  5. Linux/Unix knowledge, bash scripting understanding.


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