Python Programming for Data Scientists

Python Programming for Data Scientists

Brief summary of the course

This is an elective course that aims to improve students’ Python skills. The course goal is to align students’ knowledge to the main group which already has some Python experience. After that course gives an overview of the usage of the main Python libraries that are used for Data Science and explains some details about the specifics of their work.

The course is structured in a workshop format that will help students receive hands-on experience. This also includes live coding sessions and troubleshooting during the sessions. The course ends with a final project assignment that will assess all knowledge gathered during the course.

Course topics

  1. Python Environment setup
    1. Venv
    2. Console commands
    3. Jupyter notebook
    4. IDE overview
  2. Python Basics 
  3. Numpy library overview
  4. Pandas library overview 
  5. Visualization overview  
  6. Scipy library overview
  7. Final project assignment 


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