Startup Launchpad

Brief summary of the course

Not everyone should become an entrepreneur and not everyone wants to. This course is designed to give all students, regardless of their specialization, to try themselves as an entrepreneur and master the skills needed to creatively solve problems and turn bold ideas into business projects. This course is about trying and finding your entrepreneurial self.The course is aimed at the stage of ideation and research of market opportunities. As part of the course, student teams will research, develop and test startup concepts that meet real needs, as well as learn how to interact with each other, understand and accept failures, and be tolerant of crazy decisions. After completing the course best teams can continue work on their startups in ideasLab – students incubator for startups operating under UCU Center for Entrepreneurship.

Course plan

  1. Introduction. Entrepreneurship and Innovations 
  2. Creativity Gene 
  3. Сustomer Journey 
  4. Field Work – Discovering your Customer 
  5. Сustomer Journey II 
  6. Market and Competition 
  7. Lean Canvas 
  8. Go-to-Market 
  9. Field Work- Talking to your customer
  10. Communicating the Product 
  11. Pitch Crash Test 
  12. Pitch Day 


Course prerequisites

To complete the course and successfully complete it students need:

  • Form a team of 2-3 members;
  • Discover a startup idea that solves a problem;
  • Perform tasks during the course;
  • Participate in discussions;
  • Prepare and present ideas for a final presentation.

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