What is the main study language at the Program?

The majority of the courses are delivered in English.

What is the length of the Program?

The whole program lasts for two years, where one year and a half are for an academic program and another five months are for an internship/diploma work. However, you may stretch the study period if you want to take just a part of the courses at any particular moment.

How many days per week does the study last at the Program? How many hours per day does the study last at the Program?

Commonly the study lasts for three days (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) each other week. Some courses (usually selective) may take place on other days, it will be announced in advance. The study day lasts from 9.00 until 18.00.

Are there any exam sessions?

The academic program is split into three semesters. Most courses do not have final examinations, and studying is based on projects. Accordingly, students receive their grades from homework and project work. Most projects are focused on real tasks.

What is the study fee? How is the fee paid?

The whole Program study fee for the 2023 academic year is 320,000 UAH for Ukrainian students. The fee is split into four parts. However, if you want to take just a part of the courses, there are such possibilities.

Does the program cost include accommodation and meals?

No, the cost of the program includes only a training course.

Do you have discounts/scholarships?

Yes, we do. Actual scholarship information is announced before the admission campaign.

Can you provide accommodation at the UCU dormitory? How much does the accommodation cost?

We can book you a room (if there are free rooms only). Our program does not support dorm rooms for long periods.

What are the primary prerequisites for the students of the Program?

Knowledge of Calculus, Linear Algebra, Discrete math, Probability theory (basics), C++/C#/Java/Python, OOP, Data structures, Databases, SQL, and knowledge of English at level B1.

Do I need to have a laptop to study in the Program?

Yes, you need to get a computer to study at the Program. The University does not provide computers, so take care in advance of the availability of the laptop for you.

Are there possibilities to take separate courses?

Yes, you may apply for separate modules or separate courses. More information is available on the “Study at individual courses” webpage.

Do you provide an online version of the Program?

No, we do not. However, all course lectures are recorded and available for the Program’s students through the Learning Management System together with all the course materials. Thus, if a student skips a lecture, he/she may have access to the study materials.

Do you plan to have the Program in other cities of Ukraine, not only in Lviv?

No, the Program is provided only in Lviv on the UCU campus.

How difficult is it to study in the Program?

The experience of previous years shows that learning is complex. Although the program and timetable are targeted at those with full-time jobs, sometimes our students have to go on vacation to complete the training courses successfully. On the other hand, we are constantly trying to supervise the student’s load, so they would not have to perform tasks in more than three academic disciplines simultaneously.

Do you have a Ph.D. program?

Yes, the faculty opens a Ph.D. program in the autumn of 2023. Also, we have a research lab — The Machine Learning Lab which you might join to run research in this field.

Do you support your students with internship positions? Do you support them in finding job places after graduation?

Yes, we do both. The Program strongly partners with leading Ukrainian IT companies and several European universities. We may provide the students with contacts at these institutions.

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    Admission 2023

    • Exam registration by May 31
    • Applicant’s e-cabinet by July 1
    • SSE: 26.06 – 18.07
    • Professional exam: 17-28.07 or 31.07-14.08
    • Exam results: August 25
    • Enrollment in the program: September 1

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