How to apply

This page contains information for Ukrainian applicants. There is no admission for international applicants in 2022.

Eligible candidates

The candidates who have a bachelor’s degree (or higher) may apply for the program. The bachelor’s degree might not be in computer science or other engineering fields. On the other hand, it is important for candidates to have practical experience in computer science (IT) or applied math.

Admission documents

State diploma of bachelor, specialist or master degree and documents.

Admission rules

The candidates are accepted for the program in accordance with the contest. The overall score (200 points) is calculated based on:

  • Professional exam and interview (100-200 pts)
  • English Admission Test (100-200 pts)

The professional part of the exam means checking the mathematical, algorithmic, and programming level of the candidates. It will be held in a form of written exam and will include: linear algebra, calculus, discrete math, probability theory, programming, and databases.

The interview part of the exam is based on the candidate results of the professional and English exams. The goal is to understand the research, analytical and practical capacities of a candidate and his/her ability to self-development on the master program. Also, it means to realize:

  • candidate’s motivation for the computer and data science fields;
  • professional goals and strategies to gain them;
  • understanding of the issues, trends, and needs in computer and data sciences;
  • communication skills, general erudition, leader abilities;
  • a level of making arguments and thoughts articulation.

The Unified Entrance Exam (UFE)

Only for Ukrainian citizens.

From 2019, according to the rules of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, applicants for a Master’s specialization in Computer Science must compile a mandatory UFE for a foreign language (in the case of the master’s program “Data Science” of UCU – English).

Pay attention to the following important issues regarding the passing of the UFE in 2021:

  • The Ministry of Education and Science approved only one day for the passing of the UFE: 22nd of July, 2022
  • If the entrant has not passed the UFE, he/she will not be allowed to submit documents and pass other exams. (In this case, it is possible to study on the program only without being a student  ).
  • You can pass the UFE at any higher educational institution, where there is a specialty “computer science”. It is not necessary to come to Lviv and to UCU.
  • The registration for the UFE is carried out personally through the admission committee of the university in which you decided to pass it.
  • UFE is valid everywhere on the territory of Ukraine and its results can be submitted for admission to all universities having the corresponding specialty.
  • You can view the task from last year UFE by the link

Не пропустіть нагоди дізнатися більше

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