International applicants

The master program in Data Science welcomes international students. If you’re interested in becoming our students please pay attention to the admission process for the international applicants below.

There is a separate admission process for international applicants. On the contrary to the admission for Ukrainian applicants which includes various exams, the foreigners should fill an application form with necessary documents and pass an online interview as a second stage of the admission.

Application requirements and documents

The requirements to be acceptable for the admission include:

  • Bachelor or master degree in the following fields: Mathematics, Computer Science, Engineering, Economics, Finance, Natural Sciences
  • English level B2; we accept TOEFL or IELTS certificates
  • Programming experience

You will need to provide the following documents and information in the application:

  • International passport (scan-copy) with your picture, name, and passport ID
  • Bachelor diploma (scan-copy) with the list of the courses and grades
  • Master diploma (scan-copy) with the list of the courses and grades (optional)
  • Curriculum Vitae with a list of academic institutions and programs attended, industrial experience (if any), and other achievements (scientific papers, conference talks, volunteering experience, completion of MOOCs, etc.)
  • Eligible certificate for English language level (TOEFL, IELTS)
  • Motivation statement of why do you want to study in Ukraine and at Data Science UCU program specifically
  • Personal contacts (E-mails and phones) of three persons who may provide a recommendation for you. Such persons may be your professor and/or dean from the previous academic institution and/or your supervisor/boss from your company or volunteering organization

Non-eligible applications will be rejected automatically.

Admission process

The admission process for foreign applicants includes the following steps:

The online interview will be conducted with the master program director, dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences, and one or two faculty members. The interview may include

  • motivational and general world view questions and
  • professional and background questions in math and programming

In the case of a successful application, the applicants should provide official documents (notarized translation of the official credentials, medical insurance, etc.) For a detailed list of the necessary documents please look at “Documents for admission of international applicants” page. The selected applicants should provide those documents during the first half of August in order to obtain a student visa before September 15, 2021.

The tuition fee for international students

The Data Science master program’s tuition fee for international students is 10,000 USD. The fee payment is split into four parts, which a paid in September 2021, January 2022, September 2022, January 2023.

For more information please contact [email protected].

The cost of obtaining a master’s degree in Data Science in Europe

Faculty of Applied Sciences of UCU has attempted an exploration of the topmost Data Science master’s programs in Europe in order to figure out: how much will a student of a master’s program from the mentioned list need to spend during their study (considering the program cost and the cost of living in the respective country) and what financial reward in the industry can they expect upon graduation? You may check the research report here: The cost of obtaining a master’s degree in Data Science in Europe.

Life in Lviv

  • Lviv is home to 50% of all architectural sites in Ukraine! It was on a major trading route. As a result, it attracted the best architects from all over Europe for over eight centuries! You’ll find gothic, Baroque, Renaissance, and Classicism styles.
  • Lviv is a festival city. There are 50+ a year! Among them are Wine and Cheese Festival, Have a Cup of Coffee in Lviv Festival, Lviv MozArt, Leo Jazz, etc.
  • Lviv is famous for its chocolate and coffee. It was a rich history with coffee, dating back to 1683. It became a paradise for chocolate lovers in the late 18th century.
  • Lviv is home to the highest number of cafes per capita in the world. It boasts up to 1,500 establishments.
  • A lot of interesting places to visit, cafes to go, or things to do you can find here:
  • The most comfortable option for students to eat is in the canteen of the Ukrainian Catholic University. Every day the menu in the UCU’s dining room is changing, there is a choice of both the first and the other dishes.
  • The average lunch cost is about 2-3 EURO.
  • There are also the cafés where you can get cakes, coffee, tea or even ice cream.
  • Students’ discount is 50%. The discount is provided with a special card.
  • Foreign students can apply for a place in the dorm: at the beginning of August, fill out the online application. (There is a limited number of rooms available for foreign students in the student dormitories).
  • Alternatively, you may rent a room in a private flat (starting at 130-150 EUR per month plus utilities) or even an entire flat (a single-room flat process start at 180-200 EUR per month plus utilities). Location of a flat may heavily influence the rent.

UCU has a gym and sports sections for every taste: athletics, health gymnastics, functional training, archery, table tennis, dancing, pilates.