Tuition fees and study modes

Tuition fees for the Ukrainian students

The Data Science master’s program’s tuition fee for Ukrainian students is 250,000 UAH. The fee payment is split into four parts, which a paid in October 2022, February 2023, September 2023, and January 2024.

Students of the master’s program can reduce the proportion of courses they take during the year and transfer the studies for a longer term (up to four years in general). In this case, tuition fees may be paid according to the following rules:

  • Model “Full amount”. If a student pays full tuition for 2022-23 but takes only a part of the courses, then there will be no additional tuition fees in subsequent years when he/she will pick up missed rates.
  • Model “By-parts”. In the 2022-23 academic year, the student can only pay for the courses he/she takes (for students the cost of the course is calculated approximately on the scheme of 3,400 UAH for each credit, typically with courses from 3 to 6 credits; see program curriculum for more details). But next year, when a student will pick up the missed courses, the payment will be increased by 15% from the base price.

Study at individual courses

In addition to the full master’s program, there are options for studying individual courses without formal enrollment in the program and receiving student status. Such an opportunity is provided in the presence of available space in the classrooms. The eligible candidates should pass the selection process. For more information, please visit the “Study at individual courses” webpage.