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What is the main study language at the Program?

Most of the training is in Ukrainian, but in the second year some courses are taught in English. In order for students to have a sufficient understanding of the subjects taught in English, undergraduate programs require mandatory language pairs. Also, upon completion of the first year, students with a B2 level are required to complete English Summer School – 3 intensive weeks of English with native speakers. (The ESS is within the curriculum and is free of charge.) After the first year of study, students have a minimum of B2.   Where can I find out what subjects are being studied? These pages show maps of 2 specialty courses – Computer Science and Business Analysis and IT. This course map is relevant for the 2019-2020 academic year.   What are the opportunities for students? We recommend that you check out the Alumni page, which features an infographic of the 2019 graduate. You can also read a map of CS and BA courses to better understand what subjects students are studying. Don’t forget about our Facebook page too.

About learning

Is there an extramural form of study? No, the extramural form of education, unfortunately, is not present.   How to transfer from another school? Read more about translation options here. Please also note that renewal / transfer is only possible if there are vacancies for 2 or 3 years of study and only during summer or winter vacations.   What are the opportunities to reduce the cost of education? UCU has created a special scholarship fund that provides financial support that covers the full or partial cost of the student’s educational program. Also, for the 2-4 year students, the UCU Faculty of Applied Sciences created an opportunity to receive an additional scholarship “Teacher Assistant Discount” and “Researcher Assistant Discount”. More details can be found here.   Do I need a laptop for lessons? Yes, the laptop is required to attend lessons.   Is it possible to take individual courses? Yes, you can apply for individual courses. More information on the Individual Studies course page   Do you help with finding internship / job search after graduation? UCU’s Faculty of Applied Sciences has many partners – SoftServe, Eleks, EPAM, GlobalLogic, N-iX, Grammarly, Perfectial, KindGeek, ring, CoreValue, CharStudio, Ciklum, Sigma Software, Romexsoft, Ricker Lyman and many others. Often, our partners not only organize specific courses for students, but are also interested in student internship opportunities. Thus, 100% of the 3rd year students have been trained at least in one IT company. Of course, we help our students find opportunities, but they decide how to use them independently. You can view our alumni employment information here.

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