The average cost of one year of study in a bachelor’s program is $ 4200.

Given the difficult economic situation in Ukraine, which does not allow most students to cover the full cost of their education on their own, and wishing to maintain a proper level of teaching and learning at UCU, the University, above all thanks to the generosity of donors from different countries and continents, covers a large part of the cost of the program ~ 75%).

However, not every family can afford to pay even this amount. This prompted UCU to create a scholarship fund that provides financial support that covers the full or partial cost of the student’s educational program.

There are basic types of student financial support:

  1. Socio-academic and academic discounts:
    Socio-academic discount covers 100% of the student’s contribution (the price of the educational program) for the 1st year of study, 100% – for the 2nd, 50% – for the 3rd, 50% – for the 4th (subject to the requirements of saving discount).
    Academic discounts from IT companies and donors of the Faculty of Applied Sciences cover either 100% (yearly) or 50% (half-yearly) student contribution (educational program prices) and may be extended to the next year if the requirements for discounting and availability are met.
    The motivational discount for students of 2-4 courses covers 100% of the student’s contribution (the prices of the educational program) for the 2nd, 50% – for the 3rd, 50% – for the 4th
    The “Academic Rating” Discount covers 30% of the student’s contribution (the price of the educational program) for the first year of study.
  2. Also, the UCU Faculty of Applied Sciences has created two additional types of discounts for assistant students.
    Teacher’s Assistant Discount (for students 2-4 courses) covers up to 25% of the student’s contribution (educational program price) per year of study
    Researcher Assistant Discount (for students in 3-4 courses) covers up to 100% of the student’s contribution (educational program price) per year of study
  3. Social discount. The Social Discount can be given to applicants for undergraduate educational programs that are in a difficult financial situation, do not have the opportunity to pay for their studies independently and cannot earn all the necessary funds by their own work. The reasons for considering candidates for this discount may be: orphans or children deprived of parental care; half-orphans; people with disabilities, groups 1 and 2 with disabilities; persons from large families (more than 3 minor children); persons who have children of their own; persons whose parents participate in the ATO or have participated in the ATO; persons from needy families.

Interest free loan

Interest free loan can be given to students of bachelor’s programs of 2-4 courses of study who are not able to pay for their studies independently and are ready to repay the loan after completing their studies.

How to get a scholarship?

Given the experience of previous years, we can describe the stages of receiving scholarships. Of course, this may change from year to year, so visit the UCU Entrants website for the latest information.

Stage 1. Online application for the academic competition for discounts and online testing. Candidates can complete the application and take online testing between February and April. A correctly filled-in application is a registration form for participation in an academic competition. Registered candidates have access to online testing. The online testing program is developed by each educational program according to the expected enrollment profile.

Step 2. Testing at the University / writing an essay on a suggested topic. Selected candidates are invited for testing based on the online testing results. Testing is carried out in the first half of May.

Stage 3. Interview. Educational program managers invite selected candidates for the results of testing and evaluation of a letter of motivation, which the candidate writes on one of the selected topics from the University’s proposed list (250-500 words). The interview is held in May-June.

* The steps described are appropriate for 2019 admission students.