The average cost of one year of study in a bachelor’s program is $ 4200.

Given the difficult economic situation in Ukraine, which does not allow most students to cover the full cost of their education on their own, and wishing to maintain a proper level of teaching and learning at UCU, the University, above all thanks to the generosity of donors from different countries and continents, covers a large part of the cost of the program ~ 75%).

However, not every family can afford to pay even this amount. This prompted UCU to create a scholarship fund that provides financial support that covers the full or partial cost of the student’s educational program.

Also, the UCU Faculty of Applied Sciences has created two additional types of discounts for assistant students.
Teacher’s Assistant Discount (for students 2-4 courses) covers up to 25% of the student’s contribution (educational program price) per year of study.
Researcher Assistant Discount (for students in 3-4 courses) covers up to 100% of the student’s contribution (educational program price) per year of study.

Interest free loan

Interest free loan can be given to students of bachelor’s programs of 2-4 courses of study who are not able to pay for their studies independently and are ready to repay the loan after completing their studies.

How to get a scholarship?

visit the UCU Entrants website for the latest information.

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