Економічний аналіз (частина 2)

Економічний аналіз (частина 2)

Part 2 of Economic Analysis course builds on the Part 1 of Economic Analysis course and further develops a general understanding of main economic/business concepts and introduces variety of managerial instruments for decision making: game-theoretical approach for decision making, decision making under uncertainty, modelling, decision trees, simulation modelling, risk management and organizational design.
The course will teach main concepts and instruments of economic analysis with applications to real-life business problems. The course follows a problem-oriented approach to give students hands-on business analytics mindset, knowledge and skills.


Topic 1. Game Theory & Strategy 1
Topic 2: Game Theory & Strategy 2
Topic 3. Bargaining
Topic 4. Game theory Applications
Topic 5. Co-opetition
Topic 6. Decisions Under Uncertainty1_Intro to Modelling
Topic 7. Decisions Under Uncertainty 2_Modelling+Optimization
Topic 8. Decision Trees
Topic 9. Simulations
Topic 10. Auctions
Topic 11: Adverse Selection&Moral Hazard
Topic 12: Organizational Design_Principal-Agent Models


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Навчальний семестр: 3

Кількість кредитів: 6 ECTS

Освітня програма: ІТ та бізнес-аналітика