Process and Quality

The process of preparing the program of MS-AMLV 2021 and ensuring its high scientific-technical quality is multi-phase and encapsulates several interrelated activities scheduled by deadlines and achieving the respective milestones.

Preparatory Phase Information
The Preparatory phase is for elaborating and publishing the Call for Papers. This is done by the Program Committee Chair(s) and is accomplished by the publication of the Call using different channels: the major relevant international mailing lists; interest groups on social networks; conference portals; the MS-AMLV 2021 web page.
Please check the Important Dates for the deadlines of the MS-AMLV 2021 Call for Papers at
The Call for Papers is published at the MS-AMLV 2021 web site.
Submission Phase Information
The first phase, which directly involves MS-AMLV authors, is the Submission phase. The authors interested in presenting and publishing their research results at MS-AMLV 2021 are invited to submit their papers in response to the respective published Call for Papers. The submissions are accepted via the EasyChair conference management system at The details are provided in the respective Call for Papers.
All the papers submitted to the symposium will undergo a thorough review by at least three members of the Program Committee. The Submission phase ends on the respective Paper Submission Deadline, after which the submission function is disabled.
Authors, who submitted their paper, will be registered in the MS-AMLV EasyChair system.
Every correspondent author will be informed about the status of her / his submission by email coming from the EasyChair system.
Review Phase Information
The subsequent phase is the Review phase, which is performed by the members of the Program Committee and managed by the Program Committee Chairs. This phase results in the ranked list of submissions, with the rank based on the grounded evaluations of the papers according to the specified Evaluation Criteria. Only the best papers, which have received positive evaluations by the Program Committee members, are accepted for the presentation at the symposium and published in the symposium proceedings volume. The decision on accepting or rejecting papers is taken by the Program Committee Chairs. This phase is accomplished by the Acceptance Notification deadline. This phase is the major quality filter, which allows compiling a high quality and attractive scientific and technical program. As a result, the authors of all submissions receive an email from the EasyChair system informing about the acceptance or rejection of their paper. The review reports are appended to this email to provide the authors with the argumentation, which led to the decision.
This information will be communicated to the authors by the Acceptance Notification deadline.
Camera-Ready Preparation Phase Information
The next phase – Camera-Ready Preparation – is for preparing the final versions of the accepted papers for their publication in the symposium proceedings. The phase is started by sending an email to the correspondent authors of all accepted papers informing them on how to prepare and submit their final version. It is expected by the Program Committee, that the authors of the accepted papers carefully review all the comments and suggestions provided in the review reports. It is therefore expected that the papers are refined as much as it is possible based on these recommendations. The authors of the refined final versions are obliged to submit their papers in a camera-ready form by the Camera-Ready Submission deadline. Otherwise, their papers will be excluded from the program and proceedings volume. They also submit a filled in Copyright Transfer Form – thus permitting the volume editors to publish the material on their behalf. By submitting their final version, the authors also confirm that they commit to attend the symposium and present their paper in the session for which the paper is scheduled. It is therefore supposed, that at least one of the authors of an accepted paper has registered as the participant of MS-AMLV 2021 and paid the symposium fee before submitting the final version. Instructions and guidelines on the preparation of the final versions will be communicated by email coming from the EasyChair system.
Expected from the authors:
Refine the final version as much as possible based on the recommendations in the reviews.
– Submit the final version in the Camera-Ready form and the Copyright Transfer Form before the Camera-Ready Submission deadline.
– At least one of the authors registers as the Participant of MS-AMLV 2021 and pays the symposium fee; by that she or he confirms that he or she will attend the conference and present their paper.