Комп’ютерні науки

Комп’ютерні науки

UCU’s Bachelor of Computer Science program is based on the recommendations of ACM and IEEE. Teachers of the program have international experience and have developed their courses based on the best Ukrainian and world practices. Computer Science students aim not only to be tech savvy, but also good executives and great team players.

When developing this program, we focused on the formation of hard and soft skills and their harmonious combination. From the first year of study, students develop skills such as the ability to manage their personal time, communication within small and large teams, excellent self-presentation and critical thinking. In addition, students learn a variety of programming languages, learn about current trends in the IT technical world, and learn about low-level aspects.

Oles Dobosevych, Head of Computer Science Program

 Why a computer science program?

The Faculty of Applied Sciences team has gathered the following benefits of the Computer Science program:

  • Modern knowledge of computer science and information technology based on mathematical disciplines taking into account the latest world experience in IT education
  • Courses in English, advanced study of foreign languages
  • Teachers of Western universities and Ukrainian teachers with international experience
  • Practice-oriented training: summer internships and internships at IT companies
  • Developing hands-on, ethical, business-oriented, soft skills
  • Interesting, live student life, meetings with famous people
  • Opportunities for scientific growth
  • Practice teachers from renowned IT companies in Ukraine
  • Opportunities to choose your own field of interest that is of interest to each student

And that’s not all! We can be proud that faculty programs are updated annually based on student requests. Each year, the Faculty of Applied Sciences team communicates with students and receives their feedback about the training. According to these reviews, a discipline plan for the next academic year is formed. In this way, we receive not only knowledge that meets the challenges of today’s world, but also satisfied students who are ready to change the IT world for the better!

Computer science graduates work in a variety of industries. We are proud that our graduates are good professionals in non-technical and technical specialties, from Design to Data Science. By giving students a huge amount of choice during their studies to study the different possible areas of IT, we train professionals who have a wide range of industries with knowledge in their respective fields.

Oles Dobosevych, Head of Computer Science Program