Mariia Dobko

Research Engineer at The Machine Learning Lab mainly working in computer vision and deep learning. Highly interested in their application to the medical domain. Has strong experience in deep learning, and applying machine learning techniques to medical domain and healthcare.

Currently works on CardioVision project: a deep learning-based solution for prediction of the stenosis level on MPR images of coronary artery. The project won first place at Microsoft AI for Good Idea Challenge .

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Czech Technical University (Jan 2019 – Jun 2019) 
Semester of research, Center for Machine Perception, Czech Republic
Domain: Computer vision in medicine; Research topic: Lung Nodule Classification in Computed Tomography Scans Using Deep Learning


Ukrainian Catholic University (Sep 2015 – Jun 2019)
BSc in Computer Sciences, magna cum laude, GPA: 92.6/100, Ukraine
Specialization in Artificial Intelligence.

SoftServe, Data Science Group  (Jul 2019 – Present)
Machine Learning Engineer


Eleks, Data Science Office  (Jul 2018 – Jan 2019)
Junior Data Scientist
Implemented computer vision models for defects detection on image data (unsupervised anomaly detection on textural images), text based recommendation systems (resume to vacancy recommendation, personalized tourist attractions recommendation).


Captain Growth  (Jan 2018 – Jun 2018)
Junior Data Scientist
Developed algorithms for data analysis, anomaly detection and forecasting in time series data.


Ukrainian Catholic University, Faculty of Applied Sciences  (Jan 2017 – Jun 2017)
Teaching Assistant 
Communications and Academic Writing course for B.S. students in Computer Science and M.S. students in Data Science: managed communication channels between the professor and the students; participated in the evaluation of home assignments; and assisted in the preparation of course materials.

Abstract text summarization  (August 22, 2018)
Lviv Data Science Club & Lviv Startup Club


Data science. Its advantages and disadvantages  (Feb 8, 2018)
Institute for Condensed Matter Physics, Laboratory of Statistical Physics of Complex Systems

Classification of the Coronary Artery Stenosis Score in Multiplanar Reconstruction Images
M. Dobko, B. Petryshak, O. Dobosevych
Accepted to WiML workshop 2019.