Yaroslav Prytula

Dean of Applied Sciences Faculty.


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Dr. Yaroslav Prytula is a Dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences at the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU) and an Adjunct Professor of quantitative methods for business decisions making and economics at the Lviv Business School of UCU in Lviv, Ukraine.
He has been an Associate Professor at the Department of International Economic Analysis and Finance at Lviv Ivan Franko National University (LIFNU).
Previously he served as an Academic Secretary at LIFNU. He has taught and conducted research at various institutions abroad. During 2001 he spent a semester in The George Washington University Elliott School of International Affairs under William and Helen Petrach scholarship and continued his research during 2003-04 in The George Washington University Research Program in Social and Organizational Learning under the U.S.Department of State funded Junior Faculty Development Program. During 2004-07 he was a fellow of the Open Society Institute Academic Fellowship Program (Budapest, Hungary).
Between 2007-2009 Yaroslav was a Fellow of the Global Policy Fellowship Program from the Institute for Higher Education Policy (Washington, DC). In 2011 he was an IREX Visiting Research Scholar at the George Mason University. During 2013-2014 Dr. Prytula was a Fulbright Scholar at GWU.
His current research is related to quantitative methods in social science, socio-economic regional development in Ukraine, corruption and informal practices in business and higher education in Ukraine. Dr. Prytula was awarded his PhD in Mathematical Analysis from LIFNU in 2000. He graduated from the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of LIFNU.
Yaroslav Prytula has received numerous awards and scholarships.


European enterprenualship and innovations, cognitive systems, econometric modeling and forecasting, economics, quantitive methods for making business decisions.

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