Building a dataset for prototyping ideas for object detection

Building a dataset for prototyping ideas for object detection

On the front line, drones play an extremely important role, so it is very important to be able to quickly and easily analyze the data obtained.

That is why Oles Dobosevych, the head of the Computer Science program, together with a team of students, prepared a data set for prototyping ideas for object detection in 3 months. The data set is collected from open sources, on which experts can prototype and validate their hypotheses. For example, the collected data can be used to set up a machine-learning model to help detect enemy vehicles.

The dataset will also be useful for hackathons to develop solutions in the field of drones, robots and AI solutions.
The team has made part of the data (60 videos) public, and part is available only after verification of the person and his/her contact details
The project is implemented in cooperation with the NGO “Tech Institutions” (Vitalii Honcharuk).

We publish data for the purpose of sharing experience, as well as for the exchange of expertise.

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