Study at individual courses

If you are interested in the specific subjects listed in the Computer Science or IT and Business Analytics course map, you can listen to them as a free listener.

To do this, you need to:

  1.      Write a request

Not later than 3 days before the beginning of the academic semester contact the dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences (Kozelnitskaya St., 2a, office 314) for writing an application and agreeing to attend a course with a teacher of the chosen discipline

  1.     Enter into a contract

In case of positive consideration of the application, a contract will be concluded with you (you must have passport information and identification code to complete the contract)

  1.     Pay for the course

Within 10 days of commencement of training, you will need to pay for listening to the course. For payment of courses, please contact the UCU Student Documentation Department (17, St. Sventcitskogo St., office 214)

The possibility of passing courses is considered subject to the availability of free educational program license spaces.

If you have any questions, please email: [email protected]