Lviv Data Science Summer Courses

About Summer Courses

Lviv Data Science Summer Courses is an educational initiative of the Faculty of Applied Sciences, Ukrainian Catholic University. The Summer Courses participants – undergraduates, Ph.D. students, and young professionals – study state-of-the-art methods and tools of Data Science and Machine Learning. The courses are oriented towards the intermediate level of participants’ knowledge.

All courses will be online and the dates of the courses in 2022 are July 25th – August 4th.

Important information: The course’s graduation date will be changed in connection with the schedule agreement.

All the payments we receive for courses, we will transfer to humanitarian aid in Ukraine.

Study program

The goal of the Summer Courses is to give practice-oriented knowledge in the field of Data Science.

The students are involved in several elective practice-oriented courses in the domains of Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Healthcare, Social Network Analysis, Urban Data Science, etc. The course study dates are July 25 – August 4th.

The courses will include the implementation of practical tasks, the completion of each of which allows you to receive one ECTS credit. The tasks are provided by the course teachers and require their completion within a certain time frame.

The participants can gain 1 ECTS credit after the Course completion.

The application deadline is July 21st.

Important facts

  • Courses dates: July 25-August 4th, 2022
  • The application deadline is July 21st

  • English level B1 or higher.
  • Programming: The knowledge of Python’s basic syntax and main mathematical library usage (e.g., Numpy). R language skills are obligatory.
  • Basics of Statistical Inference.
  • Basics of Machine Learning.

You may find all the necessary information about the admission and study process at the program by the following links.


The scientists from well-known universities and the leading specialists of the Ukrainian and world’s companies teach at the Summer Courses.

Dr. Alexander Kovalenko,

Czech Technical University in Prague

Miroslav Čepek,

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Information Technology,

Czech Technical University

Dr. Marharyta Aleksandrova

 The University of Luxembourg, Postdoc

Liubomyr Bregman,

Amazon EU, Data Science Lead

Dr. Dmytro Mishkin,

HOVER/CTU in Prague

Dr. Anna Aljanaki,

University of Tartu

Alexandr Honchar,

ML Director and Partner at Neurons Lab

Dr. Oleksandr Gurbych

Software Solution Architect in 

Michael Yushchuk

Data Science Team Lead at Quantum


The faculty of Applied Sciences of UCU forms the leaders in the field, who will use their knowledge to influence the present and the future of Ukraine and the world. Faculty programs are intended for motivated students aimed at creative independent work about their professional improvements



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