Customer Analytics

Course Description

This course combines a few most applicable use cases of modeling behavior of customers. It includes churn modeling, campaign optimization, CLV modeling, customer segmentation, applications of graph modeling with real-life examples from banking, (e)retail, telecom. This course expects basic knowledge of ML/data science concepts and exposure to marketing functions of organizations.

Course tools

  • Python
  • R
  • Power BI


  • Data manipulation basics
  • Marketing basics
Level of complexity of course Advance


Mr. Liubomyr Bregman Amazon EU Liubomyr is a Data science team lead with experience in multiple industries as a consultant and expert. Currently, he is employed in Amazon EU in Luxembourg where Liubomyr leads the development and product management of a few complex network forecasting tools for the needs of the supply chain. Previously he served as a data science consultant of banks, fin sector, telecom, and retail companies in PwC Data Analytics. Fields of interests: Anomaly detection, Causal ML, Networks Contacts:  

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