Game Theory and Applications

Game Theory and Applications

Course Description

We will learn the main game theory concepts and ideas from practice and use cases. We will consider the classical strategic situations and decision-making in complex situations and how game theory proposes to deal with them. Then we apply ideas to real problems and implement some of them with algorithms. Topics:
  • Games in strategic and extensive forms
  • Nash equilibrium and its calculation
  • Backward induction, games with perfect, imperfect, and incomplete information
  • Repeated games, cooperative games, evolutionary games.

Course tools

  • Python (NashPy, Axelrod)


  • General probability
  • Basic calculus
  • Algorithms
Level of complexity of course Intermediate


Dr. Oleksii Ignatenko Institute of Software Systems NAS Ukraine, deputy director of research / Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, associated professor / Kyiv Academic University, associated professor Oleksii Ignatenko is a doctor of physical and mathematical sciences (2019). He works in the field of game theory and its applications in computer sciences for more than 15 years. He is deputy director of research at the Institute of Software Systems NAS Ukraine and also an associate professor at the Institute of Applied System Analysis of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (from 2006), Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (from 2019), and Kyiv Academic University (from 2019). Fields of interests: Game theory and applications in computer science, agent-based modeling, reinforcement learning. Contacts:  

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