Ukrainian Catholic University together with partner companies offers several LvDS 2021 scholarships that fully or partially cover the tuition fee. The information below is regarding the year 2021.

Scholarship for women in Data Science

This proposition is valid for women who want to master the Data Science field. LvDS 2021 grant scholarship that covers tuition fee for two optional credit courses to get credits ECTS (if the participant successfully completes homework from the selected courses). The scholarship includes the responsibilities to pay for participation and one optional credit course. The scholarship is provided by the Catholic Near East Welfare Association (CNEWA).

DAAD scholarships for German students

Lviv Data Science Summer School 2021 is supported by the DAAD Go East foundation. There is a limited number of scholarships available for students from German universities. Students may apply for a scholarship to the summer school program «GoEast» in the DAAD. The scholarship consists of the total amount that covers the fee participation and fee for three optional credit courses.

Application procedure on CNEWA scholarship

Before applying for a scholarship, candidates must register for the school and pay for participation and one optional credit course.
  1. An applicant should fill in the online application form and send it no later than July 15, 2021. The registration form contains a motivational message with a clearly justified explained need for scholarship and why the organizers of the summer school should provide you with a scholarship.
  2. Based on the application information, candidates receive a response regarding the approval or refusal of the scholarship within 5 working days. The answer is sent by e-mail to the address specified in the registration form.
Please note the organizers are not obliged to provide an explanation of the reasons for refusing the scholarship. In case of refusal, re-application for the CNEWA scholarship is not possible. The number of these scholarships is limited: they are provided on a principle-based on “whoever registered earlier, the application will be considered earlier”.

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