Game Theory and Applications

Game Theory and Applications

Course description

We will learn the main game theory concepts and ideas. Consider the classical strategic situation and decision making in a complex situation and how game theory proposes to deal with them. Then we apply ideas to real problems and implement them in algorithms. Course tools Python (NashPy, Axelrod) Prerequisites
  • Python
  • Basic calculus and probability
Level of complexity of course Basics


Dr. Oleksii Ignatenko Oleksii Ignatenko is a doctor of physical and mathematical sciences (2019). He is an associate professor at the Institute of Applied System Analysis of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (from 2006), Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (from 2019) and Kyiv Academic University (from 2019). Fields of interests: game theory and applications in computer science, agent-based modeling, reinforcement learning. Contacts                                        

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