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Over the past years, climate change has been a growing topic, to the point it now structures political debates and international agreements. At an individual level, more and more people stress their fear of unknown possible future changes. Nonetheless, the fast emergence of climate change in public debates and personal opinions has led to multiple misunderstandings and misrepresentations as to what it means, what are the challenges at stake, and what are the possible solutions to tackle this issue. The consequence is a paradoxical situation where we face urgent problems that deserve serious thoughts and actions while having confused and blurred knowledge about the problem(s) at stake. For that reason, the lecture will go over the causes and consequences of climate change, and especially its relations with energy, while clarifying some misrepresentation we have. It should be stated that the lecturer gives this presentation as a citizen concerned about this issue and having to spend numerous hours trying to understanding it – he is not a climate scientist. In that sense, the course is out of the scope of the Data Science Summer School – which should be thanked for the opportunity to discuss such topics.


Igor Koval Inria Post-doctoral fellow, Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics at the Paris Brain Institute, Deep Learning lead Instructor at Le Wagon  Education curriculum with a Licence in Applied Economics, a master of Engineering at Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, master of Data Science at Ecole Polytechnique. Find more about me at Fields of interests: Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Statistical Learning, Computer Science, Programming

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