Big Data Practice 2016


Course topics


  • Introduction
  • Key building principles
  • Practice: how to build an infrastructure (VM / Docker / Amazon)

HBase/Persistence/Kundera/App engineering

  • Introduction to HBase API and JPA
  • Kundera JPA
  • Practice: CRUD entities on API
  • Practice: CRUD entities on JPA
  • Practice: building MVP project

Spark: BD analysis with Spark

Other tooling: Hive/Pig/Kafka



Java skills


Mr. Viktor Sarapin
CEO at V.I.Tech

Victor has 20 years in industry, starting from distributed application and mathematical modeling using C++ to founding a company. Fields of interests: artificial intelligence, self-organizing systems, parallel computing, knowledge management and disruptive innovations. Working on IT in medicine, healthcare management and bioinformatics.


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