Data and Big Data Management Overview 2016

Data and Big Data Management Overview 2016

Course Description

In this course during 4 lectures we will dive into data world. We will cover the basics of database management systems for applications, that includes relational model design principles, DB normalization and of course SQL language itself. Extra topics such as RDBMS indexes, views, transactions and triggers and ACID principles will be explained and motivation for each will be provided.

This course will also cover emerging NoSQL systems. We will start from the CAP theorem and distribution models and move to the map-reduce programming model. We also go briefly through all most popular NoSQL databases ( Key-value DB, document DB, Column-Family Stores DB and Graph Databases).

Course topics

RDBMS, NoSQL, MPP, map reduce


Some background in programming is appreciated. Good knowledge of math.


Mr. Viktor Sarapin
CEO at V.I.Tech

Victor has 20 years in industry, starting from distributed application and mathematical modeling using C++ to founding a company. Fields of interests: artificial intelligence, self-organizing systems, parallel computing, knowledge management and disruptive innovations. Working on IT in medicine, healthcare management and bioinformatics.


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