Data Visualization 2016

Course Description

This course provides basics of data visualization in R & Python. Course outline: Grammar of Graphics. Principles of information design (coding information through color, size and area, choosing right chart type etc.). Overview of plotting libraries in R & Python. Creating charts and maps in R & Python.

Course topics

Grammar of Graphics, Data Visualization, Plotting, Mapping

Course tools

R (dplyr, tidyr/reshape2, ggplot2, rbokeh, ggvis, leaflet), Python (pandas, matplotlib, bokeh, seaborn, ggplot, plotly).


Basics of R & Python (reading data from source, data manipulation – select, filter, group_by, summarise etc.)

Course materials

Open Dropbox folder


Mr. Andriy Gazin
Data Journalist & Analyst at

Former head of analytics and infographics department at Korrespondent (2010-2014) and Novoe Vremya (2014-2015) weekly magazines. Currently working as a data journalist and analyst for Running blog about infographics and dataviz –, providing training programs on data analysis and visualizations for journalists and NGO’s.

Fields of interests: Statistics, Data Analysis & Visualization, Mapping, R, ggplot2, Python, Open Data