Enterprise Big Data 2016

Course Description

Course goal is to make students familiar with the Big Data problems solved by enterprises. Attendees will get theory introduction into problem, real experience of working with modern technologies and will be given a chance to create their first Big Data applications.

Course topics

  1. Big Data problem theoretical introduction
    • ETL
    • BigData map reduce
    • Data streaming
  2. Hadoop architecture guide V1/V2
  3. Flume design guide
  4. Practice lessons based on CDH and template projects
    • Install CDH environment
    • Word count task
    • Data streaming with Flume task
    • RTB Bid/Impression report task
    • Page rank task for ones who succeed with first tasks

Course tools

Computer with at least 4GB of memory, JDK1.8, IDE (eclipse or idea preferably), Cloudera, VitualBox. Download and install Cloudera 5.7 VM image.


Java programming experience


Mr. Alexander Dik
Big Data & High Load Software Consultant at Sigma Software

Expert in enterprise application development with strong focus on fault tolerant high performance distributed cloud systems. I have designed from ground up solutions for companies in retail sector, supply management, e-commerce, investment bank and online advertising areas.

Contacts: alexander.dik@gmail.com

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