Intro to Deep Learning 2016

Intro to Deep Learning 2016

Course Description

Intuition about deep learning and neural networks. Why do we use them, and how they can solve our problems.

Course topics

Deep learning, neural networks, intuition, intro

Course tools

Python, numpy, tensorflow, theano, other scientific python packages


Programming skills, linear algebra


Mr. Igor Kostiuk Data Scientist Affiliation: Softserve, Ukraine Artificial intelligence specialist. Participated in the formation and further development of first in Ukraine Data Science Group. Speaker at AI Ukraine, Lviv IT Arena, Kharkov AI Club, Kyiv Deep Learning Meetup, Kyiv Big Data Community etc. Alumni of NTUU “KPI” computer science and philosophical faculty of Taras Shevchenko KNU. Favorite xkcd is 353, favorite smbc is 1797. Fields of interests: deep learning, unsupervised feature learning, development of intelligent agents and automatic control systems, computer vision. Contacts:

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