Machine learning 2016

Course Description

Machine learning (ML) is a key discipline and set of tools for the modern data analytics. It allows engineers to build systems that learn by themselves from data. This approach is an alternative for rule-based analytics where an engineer needs to define strict rules which requires expert domain knowledge. With ML, you can build systems for data analysis with very little domain expertise. ML systems that learn by itself outperforms human-designed rule-based systems in vast majority of practical applications.

Course topics

  1. Machine learning, its historical development and current state
  2. Supervised learning:
    • linear regression
    • weighted linear regression
    • logistic regression
    • gaussian discriminant analysis
    • naive Bayes classifier
    • neural networks
    • support vector machine
    • decision trees and random forest
  3. Machine learning theory
  4. Advises for practical application and debugging algorithms
    • feature selection
    • generalization
    • debugging complex ML systems
  5. Unsupervised learning
    • k-means clustering
    • anomaly detection
    • dimensionality reduction
    • independent component analysis
  6. Reinforcement learning
  7. Recommender systems
  8. Current state of ML research and application

Course tools



basics of linear algebra, basics of probability theory

Course materials

Open Dropbox folder


Mr. Sergii Shelpuk
Head of Data Science at Ukraine QRhythm / V.I.Tech / LITS / Szkocka Research Group

Sergii is an artificial intelligence and machine learning expert with business awareness having both computer science and business and management backgrounds. He has started and managed a very first data science group and data science direction in Ukraine at SoftServe, the largest Ukrainian IT company. Today he is a founder and CEO of AI company QRhythm, founder and coordinator of Szkocka Research Group.

In addition to his job, Sergii promotes and develops data science and artificial intelligence community in Ukraine and teaches students at Lviv IT School.