Discounts & scholarships

Discounts for Ukrainian students

Organizers can provide discounts which cover up to 30% of tuition fee for bachelor and master full-time students from the Ukrainian universities. To apply for a discount, the eligible students should fill an additional form and:

  • provide the personal statement that explains a discount need;
  • provide a letter of reference from a teacher of the home university.

An amount of discounts is limited. The organizers are not obligated to explain their decision in a case of the acceptance/rejection of a discount application. Apply for a discount by the link

DAAD scholarships for German students

Lviv Data Science Summer School 2019 is supported by DAAD Go East foundation. There is a limited amount of scholarships available for the students from German universities. Students may apply for a scholarship to the summer school program «GoEast» in the DAAD. The scholarship consists of the total amount that covers the cost of stay, travel expenses, and the cost of the course.

Detailed information about this you can find at DAAD webpage.

The two-track application process provides that interested parties are to apply simultaneously to the Summer School for admission and the DAAD for a scholarship. The local organizers also determine the admission requirements.

To apply for a DAAD scholarship, you have to:

  • Fill in the Summer School application form and choose the option *I want to apply for DAAD scholarship for German students;
  • Apply for this scholarship at the DAAD webpage separately by submitting all required documents.

The scholarship applicants will be informed about the results by DAAD and the Summer School.