Advanced analytics meets customers. Practical examples from Telco, Banking, Retail 2017

Advanced analytics meets customers. Practical examples from Telco, Banking, Retail 2017

Course Description

The course will teach students practical steps in real-life projects in analytics. The course will cover practical reviews of Segmentations, Churn analysis, Live Time Values, Optimization of campaigns, Dynamic pricing and Network analysis combined with theoretical methodologies which we are passing. The course will contain five workshops where students will be working with data from Telco, Banking and/or Retail. Course will use R as primary working language, however on request it can be also covered in Python.

Course topics

Segmentations; Churn analysis; Live Time Values; Optimization of campaigns; Dynamic pricing; Network analysis

Course tools



Understanding of basic concepts of supervised / unsupervised learning


Liubomyr Bregman Senior Consultant specialized in Data Analysis PwC Prague, Czech Republic Senior Consultant in Data Analytics in PwC Prague, with a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting industry. Previously Partner of Optigra Software in Lviv, Ukraine. Studied Economics and Econometrics in Center of Economic Research & Graduate Education ( Charles University and Czech Academy of Science), did not finish PhD program. Alumni of Lviv Physics & Math Lyceum. Fields of interests: Anomaly detection. Richard Bobek Data scientist focused on application of advanced analytics and big data in everyday business PricewaterhouseCoopers, Czech Republic Graduated from Cybernetics at the Czech Technical University in Prague. During his career, he solved various problems from different industries in the fields of data analytics, advanced analytics, and optimization. Fields of interests: Customer analytics, Fraud, Financial Risk.

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