Data Visualization 2017

Course Description

This course provides basics of data visualization in R & Python. Course outline: Grammar of Graphics. Principles of information design (coding information through color, size and area, choosing right chart type etc.). Overview of plotting libraries in R & Python. Creating charts and maps in R & Python.

Course topics

Grammar of Graphics, Data Visualization, Plotting, Mapping

Course tools

R (dplyr, tidyr/reshape2, ggplot2, rbokeh, ggvis, leaflet), Python (pandas, matplotlib, bokeh, seaborn, ggplot, plotly).


Basics of R & Python (reading data from source, data manipulation – select, filter, group_by, summarize etc.)



Mr. Andriy Gazin
Data Visualization Specialist

Former head of analytics and infographics department at Korrespondent (2010-2014) and Novoe Vremya (2014-2015) weekly magazines. Former data journalist and analyst at Running blog about infographics and dataviz –, providing training programs on data analysis and visualizations. Working with open data policy and research.

Fields of interests: Statistics, Data Analysis & Visualization, Mapping, R, ggplot2, Python, Open Data