Yaroslava Lochman

Yaroslava Lochman

I have just finished a six-month Research Internship at Facebook Reality Labs (Pittsburgh, PA), where we developed robust methods for calibration and auto-calibration of fisheye cameras with severe lens aberrations. I received my MSc in Data Science at Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU), where I studied through a research stipend while working as a researcher in the Machine Learning Lab. There I was supervised by James Pritts.

I have also organised a Computer Vision course for CS bachelors at UCU, and taught a module on Geomtery in Computer Vision.

My research focuses on robust methods for auto-calibrating cameras with severe lens aberrations. Prior, I developed deep learning models for semantic segmentation, boundary object detection, and studied geometry-aware deep representations for dense feature matching and symmetry detection. I am also very interested in combining geometry and machine learning for 3D computer vision problems.

For publications, code, and additional information, please take a look at my:
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